Confluence Challenge | Info Day Videos

Video recap — In Greek

Info Day, 11 Sep 2023

The Info Day

The Confluence Challenge Info Day on 11 September was a huge success! Now all we need is great teams, ready to tackle the open innovation challenges! Are you up for it?

Below are video recordings from the main sessions (in Greek).

  1. Introduction to the Confluence Challenge program
  2. Presentation of ISOMAT challenges
  3. Presentation of Kleemann challenges
  4. Presentation of Alumil challenges
  5. Audience questions & answers

Introducing the Confluence Challenge program

Presentation by Angelos Manglis, Founder, Atlantis Consulting

Challenges placed by ISOMAT

Presentation by Elena Kilipiri, International Marketing Manager, ISOMAT

  • Introducing ISOMAT Group
  • Transportation scheduling optimisation
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) optimization
  • Circular approach to packaging
  • Smart labelling for hazardous substances

Challenges placed by Kleemann

Presentation by Dimitrios Savvidis, Plants Director, KLEEMANN

  • Introducing Kleemann Group
  • Productivity forecasting
  • Optimal utilisation of warehouse space
  • Transportation scheduling optimisation

Challenges placed by Alumil

Presentation by Alexander Mylonas, Group Sales Director

  • Introducing Alumil Group
  • System to temporarily protect painted surfaces
  • Scrap-rate forecasting and reduction
  • Improved methods for painting composite materials
  • Smart Letter of Credit
  • Open challenge

Questions & Answers

Facilitation by Dimitrios Kourtesis, Managing Partner, Ideas Forward

Are you up for a challenge?

Are you a startup or research team? Are you looking to partner with established corporations and apply your know-how to create innovative industry solutions? Then this program is for you!